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Welcome to Atta Ullah Khan Esa Khelvi's fans club!
Shahid Raja & Attaullah Khan
Shahid Raja You have found exactly the right website to know everything about the legendary great Pakistani singer Atta Ullah Khan Esa Khelvi, this website is dedicated to him and you can explore Atta Ullah Khan's portfolio and the numerous awards he has achieved for his great work and also catch with all his latest events. The purpose for this website is to gather all the fans of Atta Ullah Khan around the world and if you would like to be a part of this and share the same passion and love for the Legendary Atta Ullah Khan Esa Khelvi then simply go to the Fans Room and follow the instructions and you also have the option to join the Fans Community to share your ideas, opinions and meet other fans worldwide who share the same interest of Atta Ullah Khan Esa Khelvi just like yourself.